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St. Lucia dishes are some of the most delicious food you will find in the Caribbean. Check what is in the menu today!


Green figs and Saltfish

the national dish of St. Lucia which is prepared with green bananas and salted Codfish.


St. Lucian Pepper Pot

the traditional pot stew is cooked with meat, ground provisions, lots of herbs and spices.

“We came up from malgretoute beach & had some tasty food in this lovely setting with lisa giving us great service. They were generous portions at a very reasonable price. I had the pork chop,Julie the fish both tasty & served with local vegetables. Would definitely recommend..”
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Classification and How To Choose The Right Table Tennis Racket

Table tennis is a sport that many people love.

It is a sport for health and combination of the senses, training agility and ability to defend, attack based on the opponent’s judgment.

Join us to learn about ping pong racquets, how to classify and choose the suitable table tennis rackets to play this sport easily.

Table tennis sport was born in Europe and spread to the world.

With that long history of development, table tennis is loved worldwide, even in Southeast Asia.

Although there are hundreds of loved and chosen sports, table tennis has never lost its position.

1. How many types of table tennis paddles are there?

Table tennis racquets have many types but are divided according to table tennis core and ping pong rubber.

1.1 According to table tennis core:

  • OFF: Offensive: hardest, intended for an attack
  • ALL: Allround: quite soft, comprehensive, good attack and defense
  • DEF: Softest, the defense only.

1.2 According to the structure of table tennis rubber:

  • Inverted: smooth sponge with high spinnability. This is a popular sponge suitable for both defensive and offensive play.
  • Short pips: Short pips are actually smooth sponges but are turned upside down to create a surface with many nodules. This sponge creates a spin but gives the player a strong response.
  • Long pips: The long spike has the same structure as the one above but has a higher surface that reverses the ball’s spin.

2. How to choose a good table tennis paddle?

Usually, people will choose table tennis racquets in 3 ways:

2.1 Choose according to the purpose of play:

If you are playing for simply fun, choose a paddle pre-installed.

If you are new to playing or playing defense, choose a low-speed type to control the ball well and become familiar with table tennis techniques.

If you love to play attacking style or want to practice agility, you can choose a lightweight, high-speed racket to create strong, swirling shots that overwhelm the opponent.

Suppose the player has a hobby or habit of holding a racquet vertically or horizontally. In that case, you should pay attention to choosing the table tennis racket that suits your taste and condition.

2.2. Choose according to table tennis racket core:

  • OFF: Offensive for offensive
  • ALL: Allround, attack and defense are good
  • DEF: defense only
Classification and how to choose the right table tennis racket

OFF is hardest, ALL is softer, and DEF is softest. When starting to play, you should choose a low speed, high control blade (DEF) and switch to higher speed blades.

2.3. Choose according to table tennis rubber

As the ping pong blade, the rubber of the table tennis racket is also available in a variety of different types of sponges.

  • Inverted: If you are a novice, you do not want to think much, you should choose this type because it is suitable for both defensive and offensive playstyle.
  • Short pips: If you are familiar with basic table tennis techniques and prefer to strike with powerful swirls and counter-attacks, then this one is very suitable for you.
  • Long pips: If you want to challenge more, make it difficult for the opponent with very swirling attacks, then this is your rubber.


3. Instructions for using and storing the racket safely

  • Careful care after playing
  • Do not arbitrarily throw it around or let hard, heavy objects weigh on it to damage or deform the racquet.
  • Please do not use chemicals or complex objects to rub them
  • Avoid strong impact
  • Store in the bag carefully after playing
  • Do not store in hot or high-temperature places.

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Indoor Swimming Classes For Long Island Families

Long Island swimming classes are an ideal way to make sure that kids are safe and can have fun year round in the water and on the beaches of Long Island. From private, one-on-one sessions to public swim programs, there are lots of choices for adults and children alike. Even if you just want to take your kids swimming at a public facility, an indoor pool near you is an excellent option. Here are some tips and ideas about choosing the best swimming program for you and your family.

Location: Swimming indoors can help keep you and your kids healthy and fit, but it’s also one of the best ways to live in Long Island. You’ll be able to find indoor facilities near you that offer special programs that focus on exercise or fitness. If you have older kids or teenagers in the home, consider swimming lessons for teens near you where you can interact with your kids and teach them new skills, while still enjoying the warm summer weather.

Choosing the Right Indoor Class: Whether you choose to take your kids to a public swimming facility or find a private gym, finding the right indoor class is important. The best indoor swimming classes offer a variety of programs, so you don’t have to worry about feeling bored at your kids’ next lesson. Check out online reviews and forums for other parents who have taken the plunge, or take your pick from a local gym that offers indoor swimming lessons near you.

Safety and Security: The best indoor class will not only offer safety and security training, but will also provide an activity schedule for each child that helps keep him or her from becoming bored. Make sure that you choose a class that provides a full complement of lessons and activities to keep your child engaged and motivated throughout the entire session. Also make sure that your kids get enough time to swim, run around, and play in the water after each class.

Budget: Find out what the fees for this type of class are before you sign up for it. Look for discounted rates or even free lessons for a few weeks of the summer or for kids that need a few weeks of extra attention. Look for packages that include swim bags or water toys to keep your kids entertained while they swim in their new, fun-filled swimming class.

Finding the Right Instructor: Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations of instructors near you that you trust. Or search for them using the Internet. Or even better, check out the reviews of the instructors in your area and make sure they’re certified and professional. Don’t hesitate to ask for references from former students or coworkers.

Indoor Swim Lessons For Teens: Take a look at the information you can find online about the instructors in your area and make sure they can give you sound advice about which classes would be most suitable for your kids. You may want to consider taking a few classes with your kids to make sure you can get the most out of them. Also, make sure that they have plenty of time to swim in a pool because kids learn much better when they’re active. Ask questions about the equipment and ask them to participate in discussions about how to improve their swim performance.

Don’t forget to take into account the weather: Many indoor swimming classes offer indoor swimming pools near you, but if your climate is too cold or rainy for the season, you won’t have access to your indoor pool until the warmer months start. So, make sure you’re prepared! For instance, in a place like New York, indoor swimming pools are typically open year-long and the classes can accommodate kids as young as three years old, so don’t forget to book them in advance.

What Are The Indoor Activities?

With the rapid expansion in technology and its accessibility to numerous facilities, indoor activities have become a popular option for many people. In fact, they may even be seen as an integral part of our day-to-day lives. However, there are quite a number of things that we should know about the indoor activities and game systems before deciding to buy one.

The basic idea of indoor activities is to provide people with an opportunity to do something physical while engaging in a wide variety of recreational activities. The question then becomes, what are indoor activities? The next question is, how can we find them? Lastly, will indoor activities help me improve my mental health? These are the things you should consider before purchasing an indoor game system or activity console.

The majority of the systems available in the market today are based on electronic games. It is this type of indoor activity that provides people with the option to participate in sports games without having to leave their homes. However, this type of activity is most suitable for people who have access to an electric outlet and a personal computer. In fact, the popularity of such systems is growing.

While some activities are more suited for certain age groups, there are indoor activities that anyone, of any gender, can enjoy. Moreover, they are not just confined to educational institutions or health clubs. Indoor activities that include games are also widely used in businesses, in the home, and at fitness centers. Examples of indoor activities that require minimal equipment include card games, puzzle games, and crossword puzzles. As you can see, you don’t need much equipment to play!

So, what are the indoor activities? These activities are intended to provide an opportunity for physical fitness, mental stimulation, socialization, and relaxation. You might be surprised to learn that indoor activities are used by people from all walks of life. As you can see, they come in different forms, types, and levels.

While most people think that these activities are exercised, they are in fact activities used to improve overall health and well being. These indoor activities can help you maintain a healthy weight, build muscle strength, improve your eye-sight, and strengthen your immune system. At the same time, they can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease. In fact, it has been found that regular participation in indoor activities can lower the risk of many health problems. As a matter of fact, studies show that people who engage in activities such as dancing, playing sports, jogging, walking, and swimming are less likely to develop certain kinds of cancer.

The only equipment needed for most indoor activities is a floor that is flat, a mirror, and a timer. If you use your imagination, you can invent activities that you can do with your whole family, or with friends, while still maintaining the basic structure of the activity. For example, you can set up a race between yourself and another family member or friend. You can also make a puzzle out of a puzzle block or you can draw a picture. Or, you can play a musical activity in which each member of the family plays an instrument.

Most children need to be encouraged to take part in this type of activity. In most cases, it will be up to the parents to make the effort to get the kids interested. Once you start teaching your children about what are the indoor activities, you will soon find that it is not difficult to get them to participate. After all, the main purpose of this type of activity is for them to have fun. It should become a memorable experience for the both of you.

Play Soccer Indoors With Your Loved Ones

In this age of technological advancement and development, there is nothing to compare with the exciting and invigorating soccer indoor games. The popularity of soccer has reached all ages and continents from around the world. This sport can be played anytime and anywhere. For those who have a passion for soccer but cannot afford to join a professional soccer team, they can opt for indoor soccer games. Through this, they can also learn the basic skills of soccer while enjoying it at the comfort of their own homes.

Many people who have a passion for soccer are finding it quite challenging to find an online site which offers indoor soccer games at affordable prices. They should remember that soccer is a team sport and requires a considerable amount of practice to master. Some players become good at soccer quickly but then cannot make it in the professional leagues. This means that they have to spend lots of time and money training and practicing. If they have signed up with an online site that offers indoor soccer games at discounted prices, they will surely find it quite convenient and affordable to play such games.

There are several advantages for opting for indoor soccer games. First, they can be played within the comforts of your homes. No extra fee is required for playing these games. There are no membership fees as well. You can play for free or at reduced prices.

Another major advantage of indoor soccer games is that you get the chance to hone your soccer skills and learn new strategies as well. Most beginners find it very difficult to perform well in soccer competitions. In this context, playing a game will help them learn and develop their skills and will also refresh their mind.

For soccer lovers, playing indoors will also provide them with a great opportunity to socialize with each other. You can meet a lot of interesting people who share the same passion for the game. You will also get to experience a friendly competition where each player is trying to beat their opponent. Winning takes a lot of hard work and a confident player will definitely enjoy the game and learn lots from it. Playing in a friendly competition will also give you an opportunity to make new friends.

To make sure that the players enjoy the game, there should be proper ventilation and lighting in the room. The sound quality must also be excellent. Players should wear comfortable soccer gear which includes jerseys, shorts and socks. Proper shoes are also essential. Avoid using spiked shoes because they will add to the speed and force of the game. This will surely help you become a better player.

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